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Charlene Gray to receive ESTACI's 2018 Anchor Award

Northampton County Commissioner of the Revenue

Charlene P. Gray


Ms. Charlene Patricia Gray goes above and beyond her professional job description in serving the residents of Northampton County with excitement and enthusiasm, as our current Commissioner of the Revenue. Prior to being elected Northampton County Commissioner of the Revenue, she served twenty-six faithful years as Deputy Commissioner for Northampton County.

When asked about her professional priorities, Ms. Gray stated that she is most proud of the customer service provided by her office; “As Commissioner, I feel my greatest accomplishment is advocating for those I serve. ‘Customers First’ is our attitude; we are here to serve you with an immediate response to your inquiries, escorting customers from one office to the next, giving us an opportunity to chat with the taxpayer, ask ‘how you are today?’, and hear any concerns you may have.”

“We do our best to make sure that people who qualify for programs are made aware – first, that the programs are available, and then by providing any assistance needed to help the taxpayer with completion of the application for those programs. We even make home visits to assist with income tax preparation, elderly tax exemption application completion, as well as opening the office early and on Saturdays to accommodate the needs of the taxpayers when necessary. Every day we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of service that we are able to provide to Northampton County residents. We hope that we are able to make your visit to the county seat a joyful and pleasant one.”

Charlene Patricia Gray was born September 3, 1961, the fourth child of Bennie & Annie Mae Gray of Eastville, VA. Ms. Gray is a 1979 graduate of Northampton County Public Schools, and has a Degree in Computer Technology from Electronic Computer Programming Institute in Virginia Beach. She has continued her professional studies through the University of VA, under the Commissioner of Revenue Association. Commissioner Gray has received extensive training in business, taxation, advanced taxation, auditing, technology and customer service in preparation for the certified designation of Master Commissioner of the Revenue. Ms. Gray resides in Machipongo VA. She is the proud mother of Staff Sgt. CharMarletta Nicole Mapp who currently serves in the US Army and is stationed in Anchorage Alaska.

Ms. Gray is Northampton County’s first female African American Commissioner of the Revenue, providing an inspiring example of women in leadership. ESTACI is honored to present Ms. Charlene Gray with ESTACI’s 2018 Anchor Award for Empowering Women and Girls.

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