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Empowering Women

We gather monthly to connect, network and develop strategies for uplifting, celebrating, and encouraging ourselves and all women and girls on the Eastern Shore.

Empowering Girls

Empowering Girls is Empowering Women’s project for Middle School girls to think about their personal, educational, and career goals, with an emphasis on healthy relationships and non-traditional careers.

Fathering Circle

Fathers’ involvement in their children’s lives has been shown to have a positive effect on children and their well-being. This modeling, mentoring, and training initiative will increase the chances of academic success, reducing delinquency and substance abuse.

Friends on a Mountain
Young Leaders Scholarships

ESTACI’s $2500 Young Leaders Scholarships are sponsored by Empowering Women, and are awarded each year to two graduating seniors who demonstrate a commitment to service to the ESVA community.

Housing 2.0

Our building-trades training and apprenticeship program is aimed at producing quality, affordable housing, while supporting our youth who have been exposed to the criminal justice system to acquire marketable skills.

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